June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

In Canada, brain injury is the number one killer and disabler of people under the age of 44. (braininjurycanada.ca)

Acquired brain injuries range from mild to catastrophic. The type of brain injury could be traumatic – the result of a trauma such as a car accident or near drowning – or non-traumatic, caused by a stroke or heart attack, tumour, drug abuse, or infection.

Role of a speech-language pathologist: Assess all aspects of an individuals communication such as listening, speaking, reading and writing plus their cognitive or thinking skills including attention, memory, organization, reasoning and judgement.

From this assessment the Speech Language Pathologist will determine the extent to which these cognitive-communication difficulties may affect the person’s return to work, school, family interactions, and/or return to activities in the community and develop a treatment plan that can be carried out by themselves or a Communicative Disorders Assistant, under the SLP’s guidance.

For more information on Brain Injuries please visit the following link.