Free Screenings

Screenings are designed for parents who are not sure if their child requires speech and language intervention.  A 15 minute consultation with a registered Speech-Language Pathologist can be scheduled to determine whether or not assessment is indicated.  There is no charge for this service.


Assessments are completed to determine the nature of the speech and language or swallowing concerns.  A report detailing the assessment results is available upon request.

Children’s Services

Adolescent Services

Adult Services


Therapy is scheduled in 15 minute increments to suit your therapeutic needs, schedule and budget.  Therapy is performed by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist or a Communicative Disorders Assistant under the supervision of a registered Speech-Language Pathologist.

Speech and Language Camps

Camp Inukshuk


A doctor’s referral is not necessary. Families, teachers and clinicians are welcome to call our office at 905-954-1312 or email