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Volunteer Testimonials

Hi my name is Sarah. I’m a current student from Carleton university studying psychology and minoring in neuroscience. After completing my current degree, I plan on continuing my schooling for my training as a communicative disorders assistant. I was born hard of hearing and as I grew up in the speech therapy community, I came to know it very well. I currently spend my time volunteering with the clinic’s Social Skills Group where I assist in the group activities. I truly enjoy spending my time as a volunteer at this wonderful clinic. I hope my passion for this field grows as my time at this clinic continues.
-Sarah (October 2016)

Rebecca is an undergraduate student studying Communication
Sciences and Disorders. She currently serves as a volunteer for the Social Skills Group program in which she assists in facilitation of group activities as well as preparatory work for the program. Prior to her current undergraduate degree pursuits, Rebecca completed a diploma in Deafblind Intervention in 2014. It was in this program that she realized her passion for speech and communication. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, Rebecca hopes to go on to pursue a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. Rebecca enjoys activity organizing, arts and crafts, and working with individuals of all ages with communication difficulties.
-Rebecca (October 2016)

Hi my name is Drew, and I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Brain and Cognition at the University of Guelph. I have a love for child development, and have become especially interested in communicative disorders. I have tailored my degree to focus on child development and cognitive neuroscience, as I plan to apply to a Master’s of Speech and Language Pathology program in the near future. I have previous experience in the Wee Talk programs and Music Together programs, where I have learned a great deal about group therapy. I am excited to learn more about private practice, and to observe the different types of therapy techniques used by the Family Speech Clinic. I appreciate the opportunity given to me by the Family Speech Clinic to learn office duties, help with material preparation, and to observe clinical sessions. I hope to grow a greater passion for communicative disorders, and the world of speech and language pathology during my time with the Family Speech Clinic.
-Drew (August 2016)

“Volunteering at the Family Speech Clinic has given me the opportunity to be part of an environment that is passionate about helping others.  I became interested in volunteering because of a possible career in this field.  The staff are wonderful and getting to know them has been a pleasure.”
-Evelyn (March 2011)

”My name is Carolyn. I completed my 4-year undergraduate degree at McMaster University and I have applied for my Masters in Speech Language Pathology. I previously volunteered in the field of Speech Language Pathology in hospital and clinical settings; however, my experience at the Family Speech Clinic has been by far the most educational and rewarding.  I have been volunteering at the Family Speech Clinic since October 2010, where I have been able to observe Speech Language Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants with a variety of clients. When not observing appointments, I am making therapy materials, completing office duties, and learning about the daily obligations of a private speech therapy clinic. My favourite aspect about volunteering at the Family Speech Clinic is the variety of clients and disorders this clinic handles – which is vital to a student of Speech Language Pathology. During my short time here I observed pediatric clients with apraxia, articulation and language disorders, and I have made therapy materials for pediatric, adult and geriatric clients. Volunteering at the Family Speech Clinic not only prepared me for my Masters program and my career in Speech Language Pathology; it gave me direction on where I want to work in the field of Speech Therapy. The Family Speech Clinic is a fulfilling and enlightening place to volunteer for any person, whether a student of speech therapy or for someone just wanting to lend a hand.
– Carolyn, Age 22 (April 2011)


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